Bespoke NZ-made peridot crystal pendant with 18" chain  | ASH&STONE Crystals Shop Auckland NZ

Bespoke NZ-made peridot crystal pendant with 18" chain

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Bespoke NZ-made peridot crystal pendant with 18" chain

NZ-made hand-wrapped crystal necklace from ASH&STONE. 

Chain 24K gold-plated sterling silver
Chain length 18" chain 

Peridot crystal
A wise money crystal, considered to be very lucky for calling in money, health, success and finding love. Also said to help if you are feeling jealous or insecure, aids in transforming negative emotions to love, acceptance and positive inner power. Said to bless your work if you are building and manifesting your goals. 

Peridot is believed to help release guilt or embarrassment from past actions you may regret, and to aid in working on self-worth and self-love. Also known as the fairy crystal and connecting in to your imagination.

Said to be very effective during a reiki healing to amplify energies, and releasing old wounds. Peridot has been used to help with bad dreams and sleep.

Divinatory meaning: “Take a chance on a new opportunity, stay focused on the good in your life and don’t compare yourself to others”

Empowerment: “I am happy for other people success; I send out positive vibrations. It is my birthright to receive abundance.”

Crystal for chakra

Solar Plexus

Crystal for star sign


Jewellery care
This jewellery uses high quality 16k gold or silver plating over brass; however, it is natural for materials to tarnish over time. We recommend removing your jewellery before showering, swimming, gym - or when applying any lotions, perfumes or sunscreen.