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Bring wellbeing into your workspace or conference planning

In a world where many feel stressed, anxious or burdened, sound baths are a tool that can help release the pressure valve and create a sense of calm.

Sound baths act as a rest and reset mechanism; one that is accessible and can be very instant - and can support your team with both their personal and work wellbeing.

What is a sound bath?

Sound baths really have grown in popularity and there’s good reason for this. While a traditional bath immerses you in water, this is one where you lie down on a yoga mat and immerse yourself in resonate sound; a sound which can feel like it’s washing completely over you. 

That echoing sound is created using specialist instruments; the most popular of which are crystal singing bowls and pyramids. ASH&STONE uses numerous instruments including pitch-perfect quartz crystal bowls in 432Hz frequency.

When you are exposed to these sound frequencies, your brainwaves can quickly move from a normal waking state to one of deep rest and relaxation.

Sound baths can help with stress reduction, anxiety, high blood pressure, and sleep disorders. And for those who struggle to meditate, they can quickly still and reset a racing mind.

Your corporate or private event

We're trained sound bath practitioners and can also incorporate other modalities into your event.

We'll come to you and host a sound bath in your office or conference/event space. Options include:

  • One-off events
  • Regular sound bath wellbeing offering
  • Tailored to fit your needs
  • Small or large groups
  • Yoga mats supplied.

Contact us today to discuss incorporating sound baths into your business' wellbeing offering or to discuss your next event.