Enchanted Intuition Evening: A Journey of Awakening | ASH&STONE Events Auckland NZ

Enchanted Intuition Evening: A Journey of Awakening

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20 July 2024, 6pm - 830pm

Hosted by Adam Robertson

An evening of enchantment and exploration as we delve into the realms of intuition, community, and self-discovery. Prepare to indulge your senses and ignite your inner wisdom in a soul-nourishing experience that promises to leave you feeling inspired and empowered. 

Our journey begins with a sacred ritual: the Cacao Ceremony. Sip on warm, ceremonial-grade cacao as we honour the spirit of this ancient plant medicine, setting intentions and opening our hearts to the boundless wisdom of the universe. 

Immerse yourself in a series of guided fun, intuition exercises designed to deepen your intuitive abilities. From meditative practices to psychic journaling initiations, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring different pathways to accessing our inner knowing and intuition.

Discover Metaphoric Associative Cards, crafted by the talented NZ author Adam Robertson. Through interactive activities, these cards will serve as catalysts for introspection, creativity, and intuition enhancement, guiding us on a journey of deep self-awareness and insight.

Forge connections with like-minded souls in a supportive and nurturing environment as we engage in Community Building activities. Share your experiences, insights, and reflections as we come together to uplift and inspire one another on our individual paths of growth and evolution.

As a special gift, each participant will receive their own deck of Perspicere Metaphoric Associative Cards by Adam Robertson, beautifully illustrated tools to continue your journey of self-exploration and intuition development long after the evening ends.

Before bidding adieu, we'll gather for a final moment of grounding and affirmation with an our beautiful take home, Affirmation Cacao Cup. Savour the rich flavours of affirmation-infused cacao, infusing your being with positivity and gratitude as you prepare to carry the energy of the evening forward into your life.

Spaces are very limited!

DATE Saturday, 20 July 2024
TIME 6PM - 830PM
Shop 2
3 Redmond Street