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Lepidolite crystal - raw

The Lepidolite Botryoidal crystal contains a high percentage of lithium which is believed to aid in detoxifying emotions, emotional wellbeing, soothing personality disorders and stabilising mood. This crystal is perfect for beside the bed, especially if you have racing thoughts at night and struggle to clear or calm your mind to get to sleep.

It also looks like something from out of space! You often find it in polished pieces, but in its natural form it is so beautiful. 

Empowerment of 'I am grounded and connected to the world around me'.

Divinatory meaning: Take a leap of faith. There are no certainties but you gain nothing by waiting.

Crystal for chakra:

Third eye 
A powerful chakra balancer

Crystal for star sign:


Approx. size 28-45gm
3-5cm in length

EPrice is for one crystal. Each crystal will vary in size and shape.