Sound Bath event with Sophie

NEXT EVENT: 21 APR | Indulge in an intimate and luxurious sound bath at ASH&STONE

About this experience

Sound bath event with Sophie Correia

Surrounded by crystals and low-lit glowing crystal lamps, this is an intimate and exclusive sound bath event for a maximum of eight people.

A sound bath is a simple restful way to move from anxiety or mental exhaustion into a peaceful and rejuvenated state. 

If you're struggling to reset or focus, meditation is beyond you right now, or you're wanting respite from an overwhelming world, then a sound bath is for you. 

At one of our sound bowl events, you'll be surrounded by crystals and crystal-infused light, rest on lux organic yoga mats with delicious Wallace Cotton blankets. We use pitch perfect 432Hz quartz bowls, designed to sing together in perfect harmony.

"Let the sound wash over you. This is your time." 

What to expect
Sound healing is used to enhance immunity, reduce physical pain, relieve stress and anxiety, restore emotional balance, improve sleep and amplify creativity.

Sophie's sound baths are extremely accessible to beginners and those who struggle to meditate as all you need to do is listen to the sounds, no movement is required. Sophie also infuses her sound baths with Reiki and aromatherapy to ensure a bespoke sensory experience. 

At the end of this beautiful sound bath, you'll receive a
complementary ASH&STONE crystals goodie bag.

About sound baths
During a sound bath, Sophie creates frequencies from her instruments to bring the body and mind to a more harmonic state. 

This is achieved by resonance, brain entrainment and triggering both hemispheres of the brain to activate and communicate more clearly. During the experience, your brainwaves effortlessly shift from a normal waking state to one of deep relaxation and sleep. This is when healing and restoration occurs.

Changes or cancellation
Please email us for changes or cancellations. Changes can be made up to 48-hours prior to the event, subject to availability. 48-hours notice is required for any cancellations otherwise you will be charged in full due to the intimate nature of this event. You're welcome to gift your ticket to someone else if you cannot make it but please just email us to let me know their name and email for sign in purposes. 

Your Host

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Sophie is an experienced sound practitioner and Reiki master who has been hosting regular sound bath events since 2019.

Launching her wellness business Crossing Paths in 2014, Sophie's modalities include; yoga, pilates, meditation, Reiki and sound healing. She hosts monthly wellness retreats and works with individuals, private groups and workplaces to improve well-being and quality of life.