Kundalini Awakening with Agathe


About this experience

Kundalini Awakening with Agathe

Step into a transformative experience as you navigate the captivating realm of Kundalini activation.

Embrace the essence of your Kundalini Activation journey in ASH&STONE's crystal haven.

This extraordinary journey involves awakening the dormant spiritual energy at the base of your spine, igniting your potential for heightened awareness and personal growth.

You're invited to embrace this process with mindfulness and care.

About the event
Immerse yourself in a one-hour session that serves as a gateway to your awakening. Guiding this process, Agathe will channel energies either through gentle touch or from afar, allowing you to attune to the currents of awakening. Throughout the session, close your eyes, unwind, and wholeheartedly embrace.

Welcome the energy as it gracefully traverses within.


  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Do not eat anything for at least two hours before the session
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine two hours before and after the event
  • Do not take drugs 48 hours before and after the session
  • Not suitable for pregnant participants.

Changes or cancellation
Please email us for changes or cancellations. Changes can be made up to 48-hours prior to the event, subject to availability. 48-hours notice is required for any cancellations otherwise you will be charged in full due to the intimate nature of this event. You're welcome to gift your ticket to someone else if you cannot make it but please just email us to let me know their name and email for sign in purposes. 

Your Host

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Agathe is a culture explorer, event lover, and spiritual enthusiast based in New Zealand, originally from France.

She has wandered through Europe, Africa, and beyond, fascinated by different cultures and their stories.

Her work is all about events, she creates special experiences that bring people together and make memories. Agathe is a reiki master, trained sound bowl practitioner, and Kundalini facilitator.