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Candle Crystal Packs | ASH&STONE
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Candle & crystal pack

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Candle & crystal interior pack

We've paired this stunning artisan ASH&STONE soy wax candle with an agate crystal slice. A beautiful home interior pack - or gift for you or a loved one.

Your gift pack includes:

  • ASH&STONE NZ-made hand-poured artisan soy wax candle
  • Agate crystal slice.

Christmas Lily scented candle 
Bring the scents of summer into your home with this Christmas Lily scented candle. Made from super creamy 100% soybeans, this natural soy wax is combined with a delicious Christmas Lily oil that is very true to that natural fragrance of those summer blooms.

Large white candle jar Thick wall glass 
Width (top) 9cm
Approx. volume 300ml

Candle burning guide & instructions
Please read before use

Agate crystals

Agate is said to be a gentle slow working growth crystal to aid in anchoring your life and building stable, grounded foundations and wisdom. Also used in releasing self-imposed limitations of yourself and building self-worth. Believed to purify and balance emotions and energies.  

A very calming crystal and said to help with the flow of life force energy through you and clearing all of your chakras. Good for tapping into and trusting your intuition around decision making, especially if you find it hard to make important life choices.

Agate is believed to helpful in feeling safe and secure within your life, and that you will give yourself what you need to be successful. 

Agate crystal: polished slice. Agate is considered beneficial for:

  • rebalancing, enhancing mental function and improved concentration
  • soothing anxiety, mindfulness and helping strengthen relationships
  • instilling hope and security into a hopeless situation.

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