Lithium in quartz. Our mini crystal castle 🏰

Crystals NZ: Lithium in quartz crystal

Lithium in quartz crystal. This gorgeous cluster looks to be formed into a mini crystal castle. 🏰 Giving off all the magical fairy vibes. ✨

I was very excited about this find as I’ve been trying get lithium for the last year and have has zero luck. So this piece is a one-off until the universe brings some more my way. 🤞

Most of you would associate lithium to the medication; this is it in mineral form, so naturally the emotional healing is simple: it is believed to counter extreme mood swings. ☯️

- Please note this is in no way a replacement for any mood stability or mental illness medications and I do not encourage crystals over medication, especially when it comes to mental health. It is a lovely addition to combine with any other medications & therapy throughout your journey. - 😚

Lithium is also said to strengthen relationships, clear negative energy from a toxic workspace, and my absolute fav is it is said to store any empowerments you make while holding the crystal, making it fantastic to use when intention setting or during manifestation. 🌱

A lovely crystal to restore balance and ease restlessness. Perfect for next to the bed or in the bedroom to aide in sleep and to create a calming space. 🤍😴

The empowerment for this bby is “I can channel my restlessness into positive change.

The chakra is of the heart ♥️ and for our beautiful Libra humans, this one is in your zodiac ♎️

Mwaa x

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