Oracle & Crystal Packs NZ: Fairy oracle of the Patupaiarehe: the ancient oracle of Aotearoa. Oracle and crystal gift pack

Fairy oracle of the Patupaiarehe: oracle & crystal pack

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Fairy oracle of the Patupaiarehe: the ancient oracle of Aotearoa. Oracle and crystal gift pack

We are so happy to be stocking this stunning oracle deck: the ancient oracle of Aotearoa with 34 New Zealand oracle cards. Your oracle and crystal pack also includes: 

  • small clear quartz crystal geode half
  • small smoky quartz crystal tumblestone
  • ASH&STONE crystal meaning cards.

Clear quartz crystal geode
Are hollow crystal lined cavities found in sedimentary rocks. In legend, geode eggs were called dragon treasures as when split open they reveal sparkling crystals.

They are considered the go to crystal to clear a home of negative energy, promote creativity. A magical gift for children to stimulate the imagination (fairy castle vibes) 

Emotional healing, geodes are believed to be healing for deep healing and clearing old beliefs, said to bring up a lot of suppressed emotions. All clear quartz is the crown chakra however due to the clearing of old beliefs and emotions this is also linked to the root chakra. 

Crystal for chakra


Crystal for star sign


Smoky quartz crystal
Is believed to be an extremely powerful master crystal.

This stunning smoky quartz crystal is thought to absorb negative energy, and is known as the guardian angel against bad luck. A strong grounding crystal for anxiety and panic.

Believed to help shed any energy or situation you are holding onto or unable to let go of. Due to this, it is best to cleanse your smoky quartz often by running under water, using sage or by full moon charging. 

Crystal for chakra

Root (opens the chakra gently) 

Crystal for star sign


Note: each crystal is unique and will vary in size and shape.