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Bespoke NZ-made blue lace agate crystal huggy earrings

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Bespoke NZ-made blue lace agate crystal huggy earrings

Loving these crystal huggies ... Neptune Illusions hand wraps each crystal for us to make this gorgeous pair of earrings.

Blue lace agate crystal
Blue lace agate is one of the most popular crystals for remaining calm, and working with anxiety. It is said to be a reminder that you are in the right place at the right time and everything is going to work out in divine timing. 

Very common to be gifted to children who may be having a difficult time with nerves, or finding their voice.

A very strong throat chakra crystal, and is associated with communication, expressing your emotions, and speaking up if you have not felt able to do so in the past. Also believed to help you find and speak your truth, use blue lace agate if you are feeling like you are not being heard or if you are needing to be understood when communicating something that may feel challenging for you.

On the flip side blue lace is also said to help listen more closely when others speak if you find your mind drifts, and to remain present and calm during a conversation that may be heated. 

Blue lace agate is believed to be a beautiful crystal for allowing your intuition to flow, and aligns you with your angels, power animals and guides.

For meditation place on your throat, or you can pop under your pillow at night.

Divinatory meaning: Allow yourself to trust in divine timing

Empowerment 'I express myself with ease. I am heard. I am able to listen to others' 

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Jewellery care
This jewellery uses high quality 16k gold or silver plating over brass; however, it is natural for materials to tarnish over time. We recommend removing your jewellery before showering, swimming, gym - or when applying any lotions, perfumes or sunscreen.