Ruby in fuchsite worry stone

Ruby in fuchsite worry stone

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Ruby in fuchsite worry stone

Ruby in fuchsite is amazing .. if you put it up to a high strength light the pink glows! 

Ruby fuchsite crystals are believed to help you bounce back after emotional upset and deal with situations as they really are. Said to be used for calling in or bringing lasting love back into your life.

It is a beautiful mix of fuchsite, which is believed to be the stone of nature spirits, earth and air; then adding in the ruby, which is believed to be the stone of love, passion and fire. 

Divinatory meaning: You may be passionate about a new person or plan but let matters develop slowly so you can be sure of your feelings. 

Empowerment " Each day I grow in a new way".

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As each worry stone is unique, dimensions and weight will vary. Your worry stone will be intuitively chosen for you x