Eco-conscious packaging

Eco conscious packaging

Using eco-conscious packaging is so important to us. We use:

  • recycled cardboard kraft boxing and cardboard boxes
  • paper protective wrapping around crystals
  • pop-starch compostable protective packing
  • recyclable courier bags.

For larger items, we may use bubble wrap. We use wrap from product that we have received - recycling, rather than discarding.

About pop starch

Pop starch is a New Zealand innovation. It contains sustainable renewable materials and is expanded with steam (much like popcorn does) to create soft packing pieces. Pop starch is certified compostable and certified biodegradable in marine environments.

It can be re-used or disposed of in composts, gardens or anywhere outdoors. It almost completely dissolves in water and what remains quickly biodegrades.

Don't throw it in the bin ... throw in on the garden!