Ethically-sourced crystals

Ethical crystals | ASH&STONE crystals NZ

At ASH&STONE, ethically-sourced crystals are important to us.

We only choose to purchase from a handful of suppliers in what is a very saturated industry. We won't buy off anyone who cannot prove the crystals they are selling are ethical.

We are very conscious of where we are sourcing from and whose hands these crystals pass through. We want to ensure we are supporting family-run businesses and not large corporations. 

All the crystals we buy are from people who have small local businesses all over the world. My suppliers have known these businesses for many years. 

We do our best to ensure that all our crystals have the lowest environmental impact - and are sourced under good labor conditions. If we can't trace this back, we will not purchase the crystals.

The way we can ensure this is by only choosing suppliers who physically go and visit sites to assess conditions and only buy off people who the supplier has a long-term relationship with.

Every crystal is cleansed before it is shipped off to its new forever home.

We send lots of love and white protecting light with your new crystal.

Lots of love, Ash x