About us

The 'ASH' from ASH&STONE

ASH&STONE is a boutique crystal and artisan shop based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our aim is to bring mindfulness and  beauty into your home through crystals, handcrafted ceramics, and NZ artisan products. We specialise in large crystals, clusters and crystal packs that will suit you and your home perfectly. And we love bringing you NZ creations - special finds that are bespoke, unique or about supporting self care.

ASH&STONE is the creation of Ashleigh ...

Ash has an absolute love for crystals and an eye for interiors. Her own crystal journey and her love for sparkly things act as inspiration when sourcing beautiful pieces for her store.

OUR ARTISTS: we have a number of local artists who create our bespoke crystal jewellery, ceramics, candles and skincare. Based in New Zealand, they work with ASH&STONE to create one-off and unique pieces for our store - and skincare to encourage self care.

We love supporting small local businesses and artists. At ASH&STONE, we will forever keep our artisan products local .. all made with the same love and passion that formed our own business.