Pink tourmaline in quartz crystal chunk: intuitively chosen

Pink tourmaline in quartz crystal chunk

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Pink tourmaline in quartz crystal chunk

Pink tourmaline in quartz crystals are believed to be the stones for inner child healing, reducing fear, but also a lovely reminder to take the time to have fun! 

It is said to bring the nurturing vibration of the Divine Mother into your life. Use when you are calling in self compassion into your life and when you are in need of some unconditional self love. 

Believed to help you recognise when you are speaking to yourself in a negative manner and assists in releasing that energy. A reminder to replace that negative self talk with soft, nurturing and caring energy. 

Also said to be protective during travel, and helpful for children who have gone through any hardship. In Egyptian legend, tourmaline was believed to have made its journey from the centre of the Earth and passed over a rainbow, taking with it all of the colours as its own. This is a magical reminder to reconnect in with your inner child. 

Affirmation: My energy of my own loving vibrations nurtures my thoughts and feelings. Unconditional love is always with me.

Divinatory meaning: How can I treat myself better? Remember to take care of yourself first. It is time to fully focus on how you talk to yourself and your inner child and pour loving energy into your soul.

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Price is for one crystal chunk. Due to their natural form, each pink tourmaline in quartz crystal chunk will be a slightly different shape and size.