Crystal Packs NZ: Inner guide - find your intuition oracle & crystal rune pack

Inner guide - find your intuition oracle & crystal rune pack

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Inner guide oracle & crystal rune pack

If you are starting on your intuition and crystal journey or have been using cards forever and a day, this pack it perfect for beginners to seasoned readers. Having runes in a crystal form in a lovely combo of energy healing and tapping into connecting with your crown chakra and higher self. Your crystal pack includes:

  • White Light oracle deck, one of our most popular oracle decks. The cards are absolutely stunning!
  • Pack of white onyx crystal runes, these come with a small guide book & black velvet bag
  • Celestite crystal cluster. 

Runes and oracle cards are believed to bring you messages and guide your path and healing journey! The chakra for all intuitive tools is connected to your crown.

Celestite crystal
This is believed to help us connect to your higher self, guardian angels and spirit guides. (Also said to be a beautiful crystal for anxiety and sleep).

Crystal for chakra:

Third eye

Crystal for star sign: