The old soul of the crystal world

Himalayn quartz crystal

Himalayan quartz crystal: one for our yogis, meditators and our peace & love babes out there ✌️

Tiny but sends out some big love 🤍 Is believed to spread joy and unhurried peace. ☮️

A small crystal that packs a punch, so many points like this is believed to enhance the crystal vibration and clears old energy.

Similar to the clear quartz energy but slightly softer, as Himalayan quartz crystals can connect in with the heart strongly. 💕

Perfect for taking on new endeavours or needing to change things up a bit! This beauty is for your crown chakra but is also used to balance and connect to your entire chakra body.

Empowerment "I am stepping into my power and sitting with my peace"


Take a look at her here ... Himalayan quartz crystal

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