Your inner guide essentials oracle and crystal pack 🤍

Starseed oracle cards and crystal pack
The top seller Starseed Oracle Deck plus an insanely beautiful clear quartz crystal generator. I have not seen one this perfect in a long time and to top it off a small rose quartz crystal chunk just because we all need a little bit of self love in our lives. 💖

Crystal generators are used to amplify energy big time, especially with clear quartz; it is a very popular crystal combo for any healers or those connecting in with their healing journey.

Use your oracle cards to reset and bring in some guidance into your life. Oracle cards are a good place to start if you’re looking at starting your readings journey, they are easy to use and very supportive 🙏

Chakra: Crown 👑 put that clear quartz crystal point on your head - delicious ✨💕

Click to see the oracle cards. So in love. 💟

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