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Amy Millar: ceramics

My love of ceramics is really born from my love for all forms of art and creative expression. Long before I began making, I studied a BA in Art History from Auckland University before going on to a PG Dip in Cultural and Creative Practice.

I have had wonderful experiences curating exhibitions, working at galleries and exhibitions, assisting artists with their works and practice, and writing about how the art of others impacts me and the way I see the world. But the thing I love most about art is how it enriches our lives by enriching the spaces we inhabit.

Ceramics was something I found myself drawn to over and over again because it’s a medium that offers itself so well to making beautiful art objects that are also meant to be touched, to be used.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I enter a gallery I have to fight the urge to touch everything I see! I love texture and using touch to try and connect with what’s in front of me; to understand how something was created. So it’s no wonder I fell completely in love with clay from the first class I took and haven’t been able to put it down since.

All my ceramics are handmade by me in my current makeshift ‘studio’ (read: glorified dining room table) at home in Auckland and fired by the incredible team at Auckland Studio Potters.

Most of my work is hand-built because I like each piece to be unique and just a little imperfect; like a tribute to the earthy roots and imperfect nature of the clay itself. I try to make objects that are both beautiful and functional, as my hope is that my pieces will enrich the spaces of those who take them in, and inspire them to appreciate their everyday rituals a little more – like that first cup of coffee as you start a new day.

Crystal gift pack with NZ made ceramic bowlCrystal gift pack with NZ made ceramic bowlCrystal gift pack with NZ made ceramic bowlCrystal pack with NZ made ceramic bowl

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