Crystals NZ: Large black obsidian tumblestones

Large black obsidian tumblestone

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Large black obsidian tumblestone

Black obsidian - called the wizard stone due to its magic associations over time, is believed to be the the stone of spiritual dreaming and creativity. Said to draw in you inward to your place of truth and is perfect for keeping you focused and grounded. 

Black obsidian is believed to aid in remaining focused, keeping a positive outlook on life and helps protect you from negative energy. 

This volcanic glass is good to use when working through any deep emotional healing, especially if a lot of old suppressed emotions are coming up. Place around your root chakra or in healing space when you are meditation or clearing out old energy. 

Said to step into your power and improve a situation, emotional healing after trauma of any kinds and assists in expressing grief that is blocked, especially in children.

Tends to be a very personal stone and is generally brought/gifted and kept by one person only.

Empowerment: 'I am able to complete tasks I set out to do. I pay attention to how I am feeling and am able to address what I know I need to release emotionally.'

Divinatory meaning: If you are feeling scattered or a bit lost, focus on what is important to you. Get grounded and prioritise your emotional healing. You are protected.



Star sign


Dimensions at largest points

Weight (approx).

34 - 44gm

Each tumblestone will vary slightly in size and shape.