Crystals NZ: Large celestite crystal geode - 1.65kg

Large celestite crystal geode - 1.65kg

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Large celestite cut base crystal geode - 1.65kg

Celestite is a special one, it is believed to be the crystal of angelic connections and messages. Often known as the guardian angel crystal, said to help you recognise your angels in the world around you through signs, songs, dreams, numbers, your inner voice, and through animals, butterflies, earth or water connections. Due to the angel connections, celestite is also said to help in seeing auras or feeling more connected to your own. 

Also believed to be the crystal for receiving connections from loved ones that have gone to the other side, a beautiful crystal for yourself or to gift to others whilst processing grief or loss. 

Celestite crystals are also said to be very healing if you hold a lot of anxiety or worry, often placed in a particular room if you feel the need to calm the energy and bring a sense of serenity. 

Believed to be a supportive aid for children who are being bullied or intimidated. This can also link through to your inner child if you are working on that in your life. 

Divinatory meaning: You are living out your dreams and divine plan, trust the angels that are by your side. 

Empowerment: "I am connected to my higher self, I am able to receive and trust in messages that come my way" 

Crystal for chakra


Third eye

Crystal for star sign


Crystal dimensions at largest points:









Celestite is on the low end of the crystal hardness scale and is very fragile, this will naturally shed/crumble small crystal chips over time, handle with care.

To cleanse: full moon cleansing, smudging, or very gently run under water without scrubbing. If you need to dust use a soft cloth and dust with care.