Crystals NZ: Blue calcite crystal generator
Crystals NZ: Blue calcite crystal generator
Crystals NZ: Blue calcite crystal generator

Blue calcite crystal generator

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Blue calcite crystal generator

Blue calcite is a calming crystal, believed to be a supportive stone if you are feeling anxious or holding a lot of nervous energy. It is said to help shift the feeling of being overwhelmed and change your perspective to being peaceful and in control of your own life.

Connecting to your throat chakra Blue calcite is also said to assist in finding your voice or expressing what you need to express to help release your nervous energy. 

Said to help connect you to your angelic and spirit realms, especially if you are focusing or learning about expanding your consciousness.

As this crystal has been polished into a point, it is believed that this will enhance the vibration of the healing energy channeling through one main point, place the generator towards your throat chakra, or trace around your body or home where you want to work on the energy.

Divinatory meaning: You can follow your intuition to uncover how you can connect to your higher self and your guides. Use this to move energy that is no longer supporting you. 

Empowerment: "I speak my truth by expressing it through love and kindness."

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To cleanse: Full moon cleansing, smudging, gently run under water.