Crystals NZ: Kundalini natural citrine crystal clustered point - extremely rare

Kundalini natural citrine crystal clustered point - extremely rare

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Kundalini natural citrine crystal clustered point - extremely rare

This is one for the crystal collector! Kundalini citrine is only found in one part of the world from a  remote region in the Congo of Africa. 

A little bit about kundalini energy: is said to be the ultimate life force energy, the source of our creative power, spiritual gifts and divine feminine energy. This energy is said to be located in our root chakra at the base of our spine. Big goddess energy!

This pale honey colour is the rarest form of kundalini citrine and is full of abundance. It is said to draw energy up from the root chakra all the way. An extremely strong chakra  balancer and activation stone.

Activating kundalini energy can very intense and is said to shift our energy forward and get you to level up, fab for anyone who is feeling stuck on the same level and wanting to transform or change an area of our lives. 

A very powerful manifestation tool but it is suggested you use this to work on your chakras first and then start using it for manifestation. 

Like all other citrine is said to not retain negative energy but due to the crystal to work on such a deep level you do need to cleanse and charge as you would your other crystals. 

A crystal that lights us up, helps us grow and attract, and a beautiful piece for any keen crystal collector. 

When using for meditation or chakra work, if it feels too powerful just take a break from it or shorten the length of time you place on you or near your body. You can also remove other crystals you may have and just use the kundalini citrine for a while. 

Note - due to the rarity of this crystal, it is essential you know where it has been sourced from. Anything that is not from this Congo region is fake.

Crystal for chakra:

Chakra: starts from the root but connected to all:

Solar plexus
Third eye

Crystal dimensions at largest points: