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Citrine crystal keychain

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Citrine crystal keychain

1 x citrine crystal keychain

If solidified sunshine could describe anything, it would be the citrine crystal. This is heat-treated citrine, a treated form of crystal to replicate the properties of natural citrine which is very rare. Heat treated citrine is believed to bring light and happiness to the family home and gatherings and helps to break the cycle of worry and guilt.

Citrine is considered a powerful crystal for manifesting and abundance. Often used by business owners and placed near the till or in their work space. A reminder that what you focus on will easily manifest for you. Place a piece in your wallet, or somewhere you will see the crystal often to keep you motivated on your manifesting abundance journey.

The emotional healing is said to assist in uplifting during a low phase in your life, due to the bright sunshine colour, heat treated citrine is said bring you joy and hope when you are needing a boost. If you are using during meditation place on or near your solar plexus or hold in your hand. 

Divinatory meaning: Focus on what you excel at and what makes you feel like you are thriving to manifest more of this energy into your life.

Empowerment: 'My light shines brightly, whatever I focus on with great intention will come to life' 

Crystal for chakra:

Solar plexus 

Crystal for star sign:


To cleanse: full moon cleansing, smudging.