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Green fluorite crystal polished heart

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Green fluorite crystal polished heart 

A deeply calming crystal, fluorite is said to release blocked grief and aid in freeing emotions to bring new growth. Believed to add new energy to bring fresh starts in your life. 

Believed to be a great crystal for focus and having a clear mind during meditation. Often placed in a work or creative space to help keep you present. 

Said to attract prosperity and pure life force. Fun fact: the spirit animal for fluorite is a butterfly. 

Empowerment: 'I am intelligent. I am organised and have the ability to create the perfect space to enhance my focus and learning'

Divinatory meaning: Know that you are able to focus on complex tasks. Believe that you are an amazing intelligent being and you can absolutely achieve what you put your mind to.

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As each crystal is unique, size shape and colouring may vary slightly.