Crystal Packs NZ: Goddess crystal pack with optional crystals pouch

Goddess crystal pack with crystals pouch

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Goddess crystal pack with optional crystals pouch

One to awaken the goddess in you! Your crystals pack includes:

  • Large howlite tumblestone
  • Large bloodstone tumblestone
  • Large amazonite tumblestone
  • ASH&STONE affirmation card
  • ASH&STONE crystals pouch. 

Howlite crystal
Howlite crystals are perfect for your crown chakra, with enhanced energy vibrations due to this crystal being in a point.

Howlite crystals are called the anti-frustration stone and they are believed to be an aid to defusing irritability, encouraging gentle and positive energy around you. It is believed to attract blessings to the home, and so it is often traditionally placed at the front door (but you do you!)

Empowerment: I am secure and stable once more.

Crystal for chakra:


Crystal for star sign:


Approx. weight


Bloodstone is said to be a mother goddess stone as is used for bonding with a mother or child, also good for abundance, easing miss-understandings

A strong chakra stone, a good crystal for feeling worthy of receiving connecting to your sacral and root chakra.

Empowerment :“I welcome challenges.”

Crystal for chakra:


Crystal for star sign:


Approx. weight


Amazonite crystal
Named after semi-mythical 10th century BC Amazon woman warriors, as it was said to be built into their shields. As such, amazonite crystals are often referred to as the crystals of courage.

Amazonite is believed to increase how you see and respect yourself. Good for prosperity and good luck.

Divinatory meaning: You are in a strong position so stand up for what you believe in, especially using your voice for injustice.

Empowerment: “I raise my vibration and expect respect from others.”

Crystal for chakra:


Crystal for star sign:


Approx. weight


As every crystal is unique, shape size and colouring will vary.