Crystal Lamps NZ: Rose quartz crystal sphere lamp on LED wooden base

Rose quartz crystal sphere lamp on LED wooden base

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Rose quartz crystal sphere lamp on LED wooden base

We've paired a stunning rose quartz crystal sphere with a wooden LED base to create this gorgeous lamp. The crystal can be removed and you can put any crystal on the lamp base to give a different glow.

Rose quartz crystal

The heart and mother crystal; the stone for calling in love, reconciliation and strengthening relationships.

Self love - accepting and loving yourself for who you are (considered to be good for anyone's self love or confidence journey especially for inner child work).

Rose quartz is considered to be nurturing and aid in lifting moods if you are in a dark space; and encouraging forgiveness of yourself and others.

Mothering stone: use if you have lost your mother, or are to be a mother yourself (place on belly when pregnant as it is believed to support the bond with your child).

Carry a piece with you or place next to your bed or on your heart during sleep or meditation.

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Comes with USB power connector.