Crystal Jewellery NZ: Bespoke lepidolite crystal necklace 18-inch chain

Bespoke lepidolite crystal necklace 18-inch chain

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Bespoke lepidolite crystal necklace - 18" inch chain

The Lepidolite Botryoidal crystal contains a high percentage of lithium which is believed to aid in detoxifying emotions, emotional wellbeing, soothing personality disorders and stabilising mood.

This crystal is perfect for beside the bed, especially if you have racing thoughts at night and struggle to clear or calm your mind to get to sleep.

It also looks like something from out of space! You often find it in polished pieces, but in its natural form it is so beautiful.

Crystal for chakra

Third eye
Powerful chakra balancer

Crystal for star sign


These are hand wrapped, one-off pieces designed as a collab between Tourmaline & Co and ASH&STONE. Ash sourced the crystals and Sam worked her magic making these incredible pieces!

Sending you love & light from Sam & Ash xo 

Note: the large crystals in photographs are display only and do not come with the necklace.

Jewellery care
Each crystal is wrapped in a tarnish resistant gold or silver-plated copper, the chain has a high quality 16k gold or silver plating over brass; however, it is natural for materials to tarnish over time. We recommend removing your jewellery before showering, swimming, gym - or when applying any lotions, perfumes or sunscreen.