Book Crystal Packs NZ: Mastering mindfulness: bespoke book crystal & candle pack

Mastering mindfulness: bespoke book crystal & candle pack

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Mastering mindfulness: bespoke book, crystal & candle pack

Our mastering mindfulness pack is a trio of tools to help create an environment that supports your goal to live more mindfully. Perfect for you or as a gift, this set includes:

  • The New Mindful Home and how to make it yours: a beautifully presented guide by acclaimed interior stylist, Joanna Thornhill
  • Smoky quartz crystal cluster: a master crystal
  • ASH&STONE artisan soy candle: French Pear.

The New Mindful Home
We often think of mindfulness in relation to meditation, but our homes and interior design can play a big part in our emotional well-being. The New Mindful Home demystifies the links between body, mind and soul to explain how you can harness the power of mindfulness to help our homes support a more considered lifestyle.

Enhanced by beautiful contemporary photography, The New Mindful Home explores how you can use interiors to aid living with intention, slow living, creating supportive room layouts, considering mindful effects of colour, and embracing plants and natural elements in our homes.

 Bind: Paperback
Pages: 144
Dimensions 164 x 230 mm

Smoky quartz crystal cluster
Smoky quartz is believed to be an extremely powerful master crystal.

This stunning smoky quartz crystal is thought to absorb negative energy, and is known as the guardian angel against bad luck. A strong grounding crystal for anxiety and panic.

Believed to help shed any energy or situation you are holding onto or unable to let go of. Due to this, it is best to cleanse your smoky quartz often by running under water, using sage or by the full moon.

Said to help people who are worn down with daily living and routine to carry on, a lovely ritual if you are feeling low, or flat, place your hands on a smoky quartz and imagine pouring your flat energy out of you and into the crystal to help release.

Also used for those who feel they need to protect their space or themselves from unwanted energies or spirits.  

Divinatory meaning: There is light at the end of the tunnel and you will slowly see improvements in a long-standing worry. 

Empowerment: I walk in hope towards the future, even if it seems uncertain right now.

Crystal for chakra:

Root (opens the chakra gently) 

Crystal for star sign:


Crystal dimensions at largest points:









French Pear scented candle 
An elegant fragrance, French Pear brings in the divine scents of tree-ripened pears slow baked with grated cinnamon quills, brown sugar and vanilla pods.

Combined with our super creamy 100% soybean wax blend, this is a subtle and sophisticated scent with a fragrance throw that increases when the candle is lit. 

Medium black candle jar Thick wall glass 
Width (top) 7.5cm
Approx. volume 150ml