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New beginning journalling book & crystal pack

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New beginning journalling book & crystal pack

Two master crystals to help with new beginnings, plus a stunning journal - all perfect to start a new phase of your life. Your master journalling pack includes: 

  • One Line a Day Journal: A Five Year Memory Book
  • Amethyst crystal
  • Smoky quartz crystal
  • ASH&STONE crystal meaning cards
  • ASH&STONE affirmation card.

One Line A Day: A Five Year Memory Book
This tactile new version of our bestselling One Line a Day memory book is a handsome way to record and reflect, this five-year diary makes an excellent gift for graduates, adventurers, dreamers, and anyone embarking on a new phase of life.

This tactile memory book features a rich oatmeal-coloured canvas cloth case, striking metallic page edges, and a ribbon page marker.

Each page features space to jot down an idea or daily highlight on the same date over five years, allowing journalers to look back on years past as they capture the present.

Bind: Hardback
Pages: 372
Dimensions 160 x 100 x 35 mm

Amethyst crystal

Said to be the mother of all crystals and the crystal of transformation. A master crystal so is great to start with if you are new to crystals or are working on developing your meditations. 

Amethyst is often used if you are going through a period of change or are learning to connect into your intuition and spiritual side as it is a strong third eye stone, aids in opening up your third eye and learning to listen to your intuition. Also the crystal of tranquility so a beautiful sleep crystal, is often placed in the bedroom, especially for a child to help with nightmares or terrors.

Amethystos is the Greek word for not to be intoxicated so is often carried, worn or placed in the home to remind you that you can change old habits and break away from toxic behaviours in your life.

Very common to be used in a reiki healing practice especially if you are working on opening your third eye and receiving messages. If you are using during meditation place on your third eye or around your head. 

    Crystal for chakra

    Third eye

    Crystal for star sign


    Crystal approx. weight:

    Approx. weight


    Smoky quartz crystal
    Smoky quartz is believed to be an extremely powerful master crystal.

    This stunning smoky quartz crystal is thought to absorb negative energy, and is known as the guardian angel against bad luck. A strong grounding crystal for anxiety and panic. 

    Believed to help shed any energy or situation you are holding onto or unable to let go of. Said to help people who are worn down with daily living and routine to carry on, a lovely ritual if you are feeling low, or flat, place your hands on a smoky quartz and imagine pouring your flat energy out of you and into the crystal to help release.

    Also used for those who feel they need to protect their space or themselves from unwanted energies or spirits.  

    Crystal for chakra:

    Root(opens the chakra gently) 

    Crystal for star sign:


    Crystal approx. weight:

    Approx. weight


    As each crystal is unique, size and shape may vary slightly.