Baby gift pack NZ: Mumma & Bubs pamper plus gift pack

Mumma & Bubs pamper plus gift pack

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Mumma & Bubs pamper plus gift pack

Our Mumma & Bubs gift pack is the perfect set to celebrate mum and baby - and to pamper mum with a special facial cream and gua sha skincare tool.🤍🤍

Your pamper gift pack includes:

  • Amethyst crystal cluster
  • Nourish Cream. A perfume-free Vitaman E based cream 
  • Rose quartz crystal gua sha skincare tool
  • Elephant teddy. Handmade using authentic vintage NZ wool blankets and 100% brushed cotton
  • Affirmation and card
  • All beautifully packed in a high gloss magnetic white gift box.

Amethyst crystal 

Said to be the mother of all crystals and the crystal of transformation. A master crystal so is great to start with if you are new to crystals or are working on developing your meditations. 

Amethyst is often used if you are going through a period of change or are learning to connect into your intuition and spiritual side as it is a strong third eye stone, aides in opening up your third eye and learning to listen to your intuition. Also the crystal of tranquility so a beautiful sleep crystal, is often placed in the bedroom, especially for a child to help with nightmares or terrors.

Amethystos is the Greek word for not to be intoxicated so is often carried, worn or placed in the home to remind you that you can change old habits and break away from toxic behaviours in your life. Is also said to be the stone of St Valentine and was believed to be worn or gifted by a love in your life for long lasting faithful connections. Often gifted as an eternity crystal.

Very common to be used in a reiki healing practice especially if you are working on opening your third eye and receiving messages. If you are using during meditation place on your third eye or around your head. 

Crystal for chakra

Third eye

Crystal for star sign


Crystal dimensions at largest points:









Nourish cream
Indulge in a nourishing skin care regime with Nourish Cream formulated by Natural Ange; New Zealand's leading naturopath - and Auckland's 95bFM go-to naturopath radio columnist for 20+ years. 

Vitamin E based and perfume free. An exquisite blend of ingredients designed to hydrate, restore and nourish your skin. After cleansing, massage into face and neck using a light upward motion. 

S butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E oil natural, BTMS-50 derived from rapeseed and sustainable palm oils, Veg glycerin, Geogard 221.

Rose quartz crystal gua sha
Add a rose quartz crystal to your skin care regime. Your rose quartz Gua Sha tool can assist in promoting blood circulation and relieve facial muscle tension.

Elephant teddy. NZ made artisan soft toy
We are in love this this wee elephant! A gorgeous bespoke soft toy made of authentic vintage NZ wool blankets and 100% brushed cotton.

Helen's Baby is the fab artisan behind these creations. A midwife based in Christchurch, Helen encourages and educates on safe sleep practices at all times - and this includes using appropriate fabrics such as pure NZ wool and 100% cotton.