Baby gift packs NZ: Mumma & Bubs pamper plus gift pack

Mumma & Bubs pamper plus gift pack

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Mumma & Bubs pamper plus gift pack

Our Mumma & Bubs gift pack is the perfect set to celebrate mum and baby - and to pamper mum with a special facial cream and gua sha skincare tool.🤍🤍 

Your pamper gift pack includes:

  • Blue calcite crystal chunk
  • Nourish Cream. A perfume-free Vitaman E based cream 
  • Rose quartz crystal gua sha skincare tool
  • NZ-made elephant teddy. Handmade using authentic vintage NZ wool blankets and 100% brushed cotton
  • Affirmation and card
  • All beautifully packed in a high gloss magnetic white gift box.

Blue calcite crystal
Blue calcite is a calming crystal, believed to be a supportive stone if you are feeling anxious or holding a lot of nervous energy. It is said to help shift the feeling of being overwhelmed and change your perspective to being peaceful and in control of your own life.

Connecting to your throat chakra Blue calcite is also said to assist in finding your voice or expressing what you need to express to help release your nervous energy. 

Said to help connect you to your angelic and spirit realms, especially if you are focusing or learning about expanding your consciousness.

Crystal for chakra


Crystal for star sign


Crystal dimensions at largest points:









To cleanse blue calcite: Full moon cleansing, smudging, gently run under water. Do not scrub as is a softer scale crystal. If you need to cleanse use a soft cloth.

Nourish cream
Indulge in a nourishing skin care regime with Nourish Cream formulated by Natural Ange; New Zealand's leading naturopath - and Auckland's 95bFM go-to naturopath radio columnist for 20+ years. 

Vitamin E based and perfume free. An exquisite blend of ingredients designed to hydrate, restore and nourish your skin. After cleansing, massage into face and neck using a light upward motion. 

S butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E oil natural, BTMS-50 derived from rapeseed and sustainable palm oils, Veg glycerin, Geogard 221.

Rose quartz crystal gua sha
Add a rose quartz crystal to your skin care regime. Your rose quartz Gua Sha tool can assist in promoting blood circulation and relieve facial muscle tension.

Elephant teddy. NZ made artisan soft toy
We are in love this this wee elephant! A gorgeous bespoke soft toy made of authentic vintage NZ wool blankets and 100% brushed cotton.

Helen's Baby is the fab artisan behind these creations. A midwife based in Christchurch, Helen encourages and educates on safe sleep practices at all times - and this includes using appropriate fabrics such as pure NZ wool and 100% cotton.