Singing bowl care


Singing bowl care

Crystal singing bowls are quite durable, but they are breakable. The most common way to break a bowl is to drop something into it. We don't recommend storing anything inside the bowl.

Always place the supplied rubber ring under your singing bowl. Placing a bowl directly onto a hard surface or carpet, and playing it without the rubber ring in place, may cause it to break.

If two bowls tap together, they can chip or crack. If you have multiple bowls, and stack these, we recommend using neoprene sleeves. Alternatively, a thick fabric that can cover the bowls will work. The main thing is to ensure the bowls won't rub or tap together, as this could chip or crack a bowl.

To clean your crystal singing bowl, wash gently much like you would with fine china. Soap and water or glass cleaner are fine for cleaning. To avoid lint catching on the textured exterior, pat dry rather than wiping.

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace or provide a refund for a bowl damaged during usage or accidental damage.

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