What is your go to mindfulness practice? 🌬

Mindfulness practice

Personally I love to sit in the sun, put some zen music on, with a crystal in hand. Then add some breathe work, affirmations (usually around self love or abundance).

My mindfulness journey has come a longggggg way in the past few years, but it’s also taken me a longgggg way.

You definitely need to be open to putting in the work, but it’s worth it. 🌸

I never thought I’d be where I’m at now with my mental health management, working for myself and creating a platform where people feel safe and comfortable talking to me about life and trusting me with their crystals. 🙏 Manifestation is an amazing tool 🤍

SO if you are new to mindfulness, start small, set aside 5 minutes just for you, take a few deep breathes and set ONE intention that you want to work on. Then build from there. 🍃🤍🙏

It will happen for you, so step into your goddess power 💞🧘‍♀️

Also, I’m always here for a chat, so if you have any questions, I’m all ears!👂 xo

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