Third eye chakra. My vision. My perception. Anja.

Large polished amethyst crystal worry stone

I am wise. I am intuitive. I connect with and follow my higher power.

Our third eye chakra. Ajna. 🔮

When energy is flowing through your third eye chakra, you are bringing a different level to what you see and experience around you. 🧘

If you are incorporating crystals into any third eye chakra clearing practice, you can place them on your third eye (middle of your forehead), or even just having third eye crystals around you and setting an intention to balance and open will be perfect.

Doesn’t have to be too intense, you don’t have to sit there for ages with a crystal on your head (you can though 😆) just a gentle practice, a moment in time, and consciously being present and aware of your chakras being open.

You are connecting with wisdom and insight, you bring inner perception to situations and experiences.

When your third eye is balanced you are beginning a communion with a different realm and can experience your world with great clarity, with a broader vision, and an ability to manifest for your highest good. (Epiccccc)

Get ready to level up!

Sending you sweet intuitive dreams ✨💜🔮

Pictured: Large polished amethyst crystal worry stone

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