Self care isn't just a wine night with a face mask

Self care isn't just a wine night with a face mask: ASH&STONE

Sometimes starting is the hardest part 🤍

We all love us a vino and a face mask though. 😍💖

However real talk, the trauma and triggers are not your fault but it’s you that has to be the one to decide you want to heal, to learn to love yourself and create change for your future. 🦋

Change is scary, but living in a toxic space where you are hurting and being triggered can be scarier. There is no magic fix but with time and hard work it will progress🧘‍♀️

No one else can fix you, heal you or save you. They can support you, love you, be there for you and listen, but at the end of the day it’s you that needs to do the work.

You are so important and you deserve to live your best life and be your best self. ✨

It gets better and one day you will look back and be so glad you started on this path. 👑

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