Stay wild moon child 🌕

ASH&STONE Crystals NZ: selenite crystal lamp

As we move into the full moon this weekend, take the time to rest and recharge. If you’re feeling tired or unmotivated you may be having an energy shift so it’s okay to sleep or take it slow if need be. I know this week I’ve been SO tired, so am totally feeling that.

This is a nice time to use your selenite as it is the moon crystal - named after the moon goddess, Selene. A beautiful crystal for manifestation and cleansing energy in your home. 🌕🧚‍♂️

I’d also suggest smoky quartz crystals or malachite for clearing out old blockages and to receive new growth. And of course, amethyst crystals for your beautiful protection and third eye crystal vibes. 💜

This moon is called a buck moon as in legend it is said this is the moon when new antlers are grown on male deers and are in their full growth phase. Key word being growth there. 🌿

Embrace your growth, any shifts or energy you feel the need to let go of, now is a nice time to release.

You can recharge your crystals too (yay) p.s they don’t need to be under the direct moonlight, you can pop them on a window sill or balcony ✨🤍

Full moon: NZT 24/7/2021 @ 2:36pm 🌕

Any questions, am always here for a chat 🤍🌝 xo

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