Prehnite, a crystal of unconditional love

Prehnite, a crystal of unconditional love
If you want some vivid dreams, pop this guy under your pillow 💚

Prehnite, a crystal of unconditional love.

Most commonly known as being a stone for prediction and prophecy, so a good crystal to use when using your oracle/tarot cards or pendulum 🔮

Believed to be a dream stone, so use at night to encourage vivid or lucid dreaming. (fun)

Also said to be a protection stone during meditation and to stop thoughts from wandering. (I need this, always day dreaming haha 😅)

And last but not least, prehnite crystals are very good for inner child work and recalling early childhood memories. 🤍

The divinatory meaning is super powerful: It is time to let go of painful memories that may be holding you back.

Empowerment: I can say no to unreasonable demands.

Chakra: heart & solar plexus 🙏
Virgo babies, this one is for you ♍️

Sending you love x

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