What is the difference between natural citrine and heat-treated citrine? ✨

ASH&STONE Crystals NZ: natural citrine crystalASH&STONE Crystals NZ: heat-treated citrine crystal

The first photo is natural citrine, it is a rare master crystal.

Natural citrine can range from this colour to a slightly more light browny/yellow colour and will often have rainbows through it. It can sometimes have a bit of really light smoky quartz in it too! The key thing here is natural citrine is hard to come by so it is expensive. ☀️

The healing properties for natural citrine is all about abundance and manifestation. Mostly based around financial abundance and love. 🤍

Also one of the only two crystals that do not need cleansing (ever) as it is said to never absorb negative energy. 🧘‍♀️ So as you can imagine it’s popular in the crystal world.

Fast forward to heat-treated citrine - picture on the right, this is actually amethyst or clear quartz that has been heat treated to get that bright amazing orange. 🧡

It’s beautiful! Often they use a lower grade crystal that would usually be discarded of so it is re purposed and not wasted. 🌏

Heat-treated citrine was created to have similar sunshine/abundance properties but at a more affordable price point than natural citrine so it is more accessible for people.

Now let's be clear, some people think it’s not a vibe BUT personally I think that it’s beautiful; it still has the abundance properties at a price more people can justify and it’s creating less waste in the crystal world.

Heat-treated citrine isn’t a master crystal and does need cleansing; however, if you feel called to it then don’t let anyone tell you it’s not a legit thing. Follow your intuition on your crystals. 🔮


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