We are so in love with our local artisans

Crystal Packs NZ: local artisan NZ made ceramics

We are so in love with our local artisans, it’s really important we are as ethical about the products we source locally as we are about sourcing our overseas crystals. 🧚‍♂️

We know handmade ceramics, jewellery and other handmade goods take a lot of time, love and effort and we know that these things don’t happen over night.

SO we have the upmost respect for our gorgeous kiwi artists and support them in their creative journey. 🥝

@millarceramics is our beautiful ceramic artist and these bowls take around 2 weeks to be created. 🥺😍🤩

Thank you for supporting our artists, loving our bespoke one-off products, understanding we are boutique and not massed produced. We love you guys & we will always strive to be perfectly imperfect ✨💞☪️

Take a look at our crystal packs with NZ artisan ceramics.

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