OKAY…I’m done. Mother Nature you are incredible 🤍❄️

Large crystals: celestite crystal cluster 9.39kg
This magical baby is a large celestite crystal cluster weighing in at 9.39kg.

Celestite is a special one, as it is believed to aide with connecting to your guardian angels and is used for communication with the higher self. Magical bebes will knowww. 🔮🧚‍♂️ 

Celestite crystals are said to fill your aura energy and to create a safe space for healing; hence the chakra also being third eye which is not common with blue crystals. ✨

Celestite crystals are believed to be intense healing crystals, to help with anxiety and to calm a room or energy.

Due to being a throat chakra crystal, it is said to be good for finding your voice, speaking up and public speaking.

Believed to be a supportive aide for children who are being bullied or intimidated. This can also link through to your inner child if you are working on that in your life.
Divinatory meaning: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday and you have survived.
Empowerment: I will make time to be still and silent. 🧘

And for our zodiac humans the stunner is for Libra ♎️

I hope you enjoy this beautiful piece and have a calm and gentle night. 💙

Ash x

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