Black tourmaline appreciation post 🖤 A thread 😏➡️


Crystals NZ: tourmaline crystal towers
Black tourmaline is AMAZING for decor. It’s our best seller for people wanting crystal pieces to build into their interior, this first photo is from a custom order and how gooooood do they look? 😍


Also one of our top jewellery pieces as it’s classic, classy and such a nice crystal to wear. 

So why are we so in love? Well! It’s a BIG chakra balancer and a good crystal for your root chakra, so all about feeling worthy of receiving. However it is said to balance the chakras from the root to the crown 👑

A strong, grounding bebe! The crystal for bringing you back to earth. 🌏

It is said to be a stone to combat fear, internal self doubt, protection and clarity of the mind.

Also believed to be good to be worn to guard against electromagnetic negative activity. So often placed near computers, tv, phones etc etc. ☺️

And the divinatory meaning is: a confusing clouded issue will be made clear and you will receive an insight to overcome the problem. 🧚‍♀️

Black tourmaline also sits under the Leo and Scorpio zodiac signs. 🦁♏️


Black tourmaline crystals & crystal jewellery


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