The chonky formations vs the sparkle on this guy is itttttt 🤍

Large apophyllite crystal cluster

This pretty piece of nature is an apophyllite crystal - our go to for empaths. If you’re wanting to retrieve some of the energy and love you have given away, using apophyllite  crystals is perfect.

If you have given away your love unwisely and you want to protect your peace, this bebe is nurturing and is believed to help you back yourself and protect your boundaries ☮️

Apophyllite is also said to be a crystal for bringing in and becoming aware of messages, connections and guardian angels, so a nice one for your room or work space. Good for our healers and readers in the world. (Can sometimes feel a bit intense if this is new to you so take your time and follow your gut)

A gentle heart chakra opener 💟 and a third eye opener (can sometimes feel strong BUT go with the flow)

Sending you all lots of love, mwaaaaaa 🤍✨

View this large apophyllite crystal cluster here

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