Zebra calcite crystal chunk

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Zebra calcite crystals are fairly new to the crystal world, recently being found in Mexico. They are believed to be a powerful cleanser of energy, having calcite in the room clears the energy and amplifies your own energy. 

All calcite crystals are believed to be calming, how ever the zebra calcite is said to be the stone for retaining memories, helping with self doubt and worry. And believed to be a useful companion during a dark time. 

Zebra calcite is also said to be a transformational stone, so very good to use during meditations. The chakra aligner and known as the self worth and belonging stone of calcites! 

Chakras: Third eye, solar plexus and root
Zodiac: All 

Dimensions at the largest points

H: 9CM
W: 5CM
D: 3CM
W: 182grams