Large clear quartz crystal geode half - 907gms

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Large clear quartz crystal geode half - 907gms

Clear quartz crystal geodes are hollow crystal lined cavities found in sedimentary rocks. In legend, geode eggs were called dragon treasures as when split open they reveal sparkling crystals.

They are considered the go to crystal to clear a home of negative energy, promote creativity. A magical gift for children to stimulate the imagination (fairy castle vibes) 

A pair is often used used as a love or friendship crystal where two halves are kept together or one half goes to a loved one and you keep the other. Kind of like a friendship bracelet but way cooler. 

Emotional healing, geodes are believed to be healing for deep healing and clearing old beliefs, said to bring up a lot of suppressed emotions. All clear quartz is the crown chakra however due to the clearing of old beliefs and emotions this is also linked to the root chakra. 

Clear quartz crystals are considered as support for:

  • creating positive new beginnings, and attracting fresh energy
  • absorbing energy, cleansing your aura and inner chakra power centres.

Empowerment ' I look for what is hidden, not obvious. 

Divinatory meaning: A new, seeming dull person may prove a lively companion and a great source of knowledge once you get to know them. 

Crystal for chakra:



Crystal for star sign:

Aires, Leo


Crystal dimensions at largest points









The other half of this geode is available also, please see in collection