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Carnelian crystal key ring

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Carnelian crystal key ring

Carnelian is a popular stone for someone who is wanting to assert themselves or make a major leap in their life, career or relationships and is said to help with revealing past life experiences to help you on your spiritual path in life. A good crystal for self realisation, self acceptance. 

Is believed to be a stone of passion, prosperity, and ambition. Emotional healing is said to be for easing jealously and comparing yourself to others, keeping level headed when tempers may flare.

Does have masculine energy, and is said to be a good crystal for males, but also has feminine energy and a mothering stone so in legend is associated with fertility and good luck. 

Divinatory meaning: Not a time to back down; ask for what you need and do not settle for second best.

Empowerment " I will not underestimate myself"

Crystal for chakra:

Solar Plexus

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