Crystals NZ: Black tourmaline crystal worry stone

Black tourmaline crystal worry stone

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Black tourmaline crystal worry stone

Black tourmaline, also known as Schorl is said to help draw out and reveal negative or dark energies that may be holding you back from stepping forward into the life you want to be living. Also believed to protect you from absorbing negative or draining energy from others around you.

If you have been feeling scattered or holding anxiety, black tourmaline can help bring back focus and concentration.

Use during readings or any type of healing for protection, also said to be good to hold if you are feeling a bit spaced out after an energy healing or an intense meditation to bring you back to earth. 

Known to be a strong crystal for chakra work, is very cleansing for the root chakra and good for realignment of all chakras. 

Often kept near computers, or electronics as it is believed to help shield your space from electromagnetic frequencies. You can also place in the bedroom to aid with a good night sleep, or for children who may fear the dark.

    Divinatory meaning: Focus on deflecting negativity and calling on your intuition to receive insight to overcome a problem you may be facing.

    Empowerment "I am safe. I am surrounded by love and protection" 

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    As every crystal is unique, size and shape will vary. Your worry stone will be intuitively chosen for you x