Apophyllite with stilbite crystal cluster

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Apophyllite with stilbite crystal cluster

A stunning apophyllite with stilbite crystal cluster. This cluster is so bright and clear - and with a gorgeous bit chunk of stilbite mineral grown through it! Double trouble (aka all of the calming vibes).

Apophyllite crystal properties
Apophyllite healing properties are said to make you feel whole and aide in gaining the power to retrieve what you (in love) have given away of your identity to others. Sometimes unwisely. (fab for empaths)

Draws negativity from other crystals, and connecting you to your power animal or spirit guides. Also calming and healing for animals, especially horses. 

Commonly used for healers, people trying to connect to their psychic development and receiving messages, use by bed at night or while meditating to enhance this.

Apophyllite is also said to gently aide in healing emotional issues, especially around relationships. Also known to be helpful for sleep, so this duo is perfect for the bedside table!

Stilbite crystal properties
Stilbite is usually found formed to apophyllite clusters. When teamed up with any crystal, It amplifies their energies and is itself believed to have increased healing powers. 

Crystal for chakra: Heart
Crystal for star sign: Aries 

Crystal dimensions at largest points

Weight 406gm
Height 6cm