Crystal Packs NZ: Energy clearing book & crystal pack
Crystal Packs NZ: Energy clearing book & crystal pack
Crystal Packs NZ: Energy clearing book & crystal pack

Energy clearing book & crystal pack

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Energy clearing book & crystal pack

The perfect pack for energy healing including:

  • Guide book to energy clearing
  • Agate crystal slice - perfect for placing your sage on after use
  • Blue apophyllite crystal cluster
  • Sage smudge stick.

Modern Guide to Energy Clearing
This book is a complete guide to transforming your life by working with energy. Discover how to clear inappropriate energy and how to maintain healthy energy in yourself, your home, your workplace, and other shared or public spaces.

Explore techniques for personal clearing, chording, shielding, supporting the spirit of a place, clearing clutter, setting intentions, and addressing the elements.

Like any kind of hygiene, spiritual well-being depends on consistent attention and good habits. Modern Guide to Energy Clearing provides the basic techniques you need to create a life of peace and abundance.

Bind: Paperback
Pages: 240
Dimensions 133 x 203 x 15mm

Agate crystal
Agate is considered beneficial for:

  • rebalancing, enhancing mental function and improved concentration
  • soothing anxiety, mindfulness and helping strengthen relationships
  • instilling hope and security into a hopeless situation.

Crystal for chakra


Crystal for star sign


Agate crystal - dimensions at largest points:









Apophyllite crystal
The apophyllite crystal healing properties makes you feel whole and aids you in gaining the power to retrieve what you (in love) have given away of your identity to others. Sometimes unwisely. 

Said to help in gaining a clear insight into a situation, a deeper level of self acceptance whilst connecting you to your power animal or spirit guides.

Commonly used for healers, people working on connecting into their psychic development and receiving messages, a good crystal to place by the head of the bead whilst working on this. If you are doing reiki healing on yourself or on others, apophyllite is a good crystal to use if you want to incorporate crystals into the practice as it is believed to the in universal life force.

Due to the clarity and sparkle of apophyllite it is said to enhance your meditation practice and focus greatly, when using for meditation enhancement place around the third eye and crown chakra.

Also believed to aid in your ability to feel and see the aura.

You can also place an Apophyllite in a centre of any space you wish to cleanse or balance the energies, also said to draw negative energies from other crystals. 

Divinatory meaning: Check in with yourself often, through mindfulness practice and healing. By doing this you allow yourself to listen to your truth and gain mental clarity. 

Empowerment: "I accept myself without judgement."

Crystal for chakra

Third eye

Crystal for star sign


Crystal dimensions at largest points:









Sage smudge stick
Sage smudge sticks, they have a beautiful calming aroma and have long been used to connect in a spiritual setting. It is commonly used to cleanse your crystals, oracle and tarot cards, yourself and your space.  

Hold the sage stick at a a 45-degree angle, light the sage, then gently blow or dab out the flame in a ceramic bowl until you see embers. (keep the ceramic bowl underneath whilst cleansing to avoid any dropping embers)

Then you can start the cleansing process. When cleansing your crystals and cards, move the sage around them in a circular motion. 

For your work or home, sage around the front door and then proceed to sage all or any rooms you feel may need cleansing.

If you are cleansing yourself, just do what feels right for you, even just move the sage stick around your body.

Size: approximately around 10cm long. 

Enjoy x

About out sage sourcing
Our sage is purchased from a First Nations company in North America. We practice cleansing with respect to indigenous cultures. We take this very seriously and only purchase from First Nations company. If we cannot source respectfully, we do not stock sage.

* Please note: due to international customs restrictions related to shipping plant based items, sage sticks are only available for shipping in New Zealand.