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Fine clear quartz crystal bracelet

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Fine clear quartz crystal bracelet

Clear quartz - a master crystal. Clear quartz crystals are used in almost every culture and age as they are believed to contain pure life force. Clear quartz is considered as a crystal for: 

  • aiding in forming positive new beginnings, and attracting fresh energy
  • absorbing energy and cleansing your aura and inner chakra power centres
  • attracting success and empowerment. 

Very good to use in meditation and chakra cleansing, place above or on top of head. 

The divinatory meaning is 'New beginnings, fresh energies and the need to move fast to catch up with life' and of course the empowerment is 'each day is a new beginning'.

Crystal for chakra:


Crystal for star sign


Note: Each bracelet's crystal beads will slightly vary in shape and size.